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StoneCutters Ridge, Golf Course Internal Infrastructure Project

Client: StoneCutters Ridge, Golf Course Internal Infrastructure Project
Location: Colebee, Sydney, Australia
Product: Grass Reinforcement Mesh Standard 2m x 20m & 1m x 10m
Application: Golf Course pathways entry and exit points require grass reinforcement and protection

The Brief

StoneCutters Ridge Golf Course in Sydney designed by Greg Norman was opened in 2012. With 200 golfi ng groups on the course each day plus maintenance staff the grass areas surrounding pathways were ruined. The concentrated traffic wore away the grass and compacted the soil destroying the root zone and prohibiting grass from recovering and growing back. Leaving a dust bowl at the entry and exit points of pathways.

Design Requirement

Currently grass regenerates by cordoning off areas with ropes. This moves the problem further down the path and limits access for members, an undesirable result. The design required a surface capable of taking regular traffic maintaining member access, porous to allow water drainage and remain aesthetically pleasing naturally fitting in with the golf course.

The Solution

Grass Reinforcement Mesh a long lasting extruded polyethylene mesh made from 20% recyclable material was chosen.

Grass Reinforcement Mesh is installed with little site preparation rolled directly onto the flat grassed surface and secured to the ground by metal pins, eliminating need for heavy machinery. David Aplitt, Course Superintendent said “with correct watering and care the Couch grass grew through Grass Reinforcement Mesh within 2-3 weeks and complete coverage was achieved in 6 weeks.” The oscillated design and UV stabilised construction easily caters for the year round use at StoneCutters Ridge and accommodating up to 6 tonnes per axle (imposed load), Grass Reinforcement Mesh exceeds the traffic bearing requirements of the site.


StoneCutters Ridge Golf Course has found Grass Reinforcement Mesh a robust surface treatment for the healthy maintenance of their couch grass. It has protected the root zone and leaf of the couch grass over the dormant winter months allowing strong vigorous growth to occur in spring.

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