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GR11 Grass Reinforcement Mesh 1m x 10m


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Grass Reinforcement Mesh is a heavy duty grass protection for homes and commercial applications. The hardy polyethylene material provides an excellent protection to wear and tear.

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Strengthen and Protect Your Grassed Areas

To create extra parking space and access routes, use grass mesh to park on grass without damaging it. Its recycled UV stabilised material makes it an eco-friendly solution for grass protection. Grass Reinforcement Mesh saves you cost on having to frequently replace your damaged grass. No excavation is required and can be installed yourself.



  • Grass overspill car parks
  • Domestic driveways
  • Front lawn and grass verge parking
  • Boat and Caravan parking
  • Beach Access
  • Golf course buggy path and maintenance vehicle routes
  • Emergency vehicle access routes
  • Caravan parks
  • Pet Play Areas


Features & Benefits

  • High level of reinforcement – up to 8 tonnes per axle (imposed load)
  • Ideal for permanent or temporary applications
  • Fast and cost effective installation compared to plastic paving grids
  • No excavation or soil removal necessarily required
  • Improved traction and grip compared to the standard straight orientated protection meshes



Installing a grass protector is ideal for grassed areas that are used for car parking, as constant vehicle traffic creates ruts and compaction which makes it very difficult for the grass to grow. We want to retain the green aesthetics and park our cars freely around the area without damaging the grass.

Grass protector is an extruded polyethylene mesh that is green in colour and designed to reinforce grass. It does that by stopping rutting and compaction of the soil.

The installation process is quite simple.

1. Prepare the site by mowing back the grass. This allows the regrowth to come through the grass protector.

2. Fill any low-lying areas with topsoil.

3. Roll out the grass protector.

4. Pin it to the ground.

5. Then finish off the installation with the light dressing of topsoil.

6. Give it three or four-weeks rest period to allow the grass to grow through the grass.

The pinning of the grass protector is very important. You don’t want any ripples forming in your grass protector. The best place to start is at the bottom corner. It’s very important that the top of the pin does not cross over the mesh but goes with the weave of the mesh. That allows your lawnmower, once the grass has grown through it, to travel over and not get caught. It also prevents any damage to the grass protector.

Grass protector is a great ground reinforcement solution. It can be used on large scale applications or small residential areas. It is UV stabilized and has an oscillator design which gives it a non-slip factor, very important for pedestrians.

For a more detailed guide on how to install your grass reinforcement mesh, watch our video below.



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