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Cootamundra Boarding Kennels Grass

Location: Cootamundra Boarding Kennels
Product: GR11 Grass Reinforcement Mesh
Application: Grass runs for dogs

The Brief

Cootamundra Boarding kennels began operation in early December 2015. Due to time constraints and bookings already in place for Christmas they were only able to finish half of the kennels. It did not take long for the owners to realise their hopes of having full grass runs for their dog guests was going to be near impossible. The constant wear from the dogs combined with a very wet period in early 2016 made kennels extremely muddy and some kennels unusable, costing our clients a considerable amount of revenue over the busy Christmas holidays. In addition, a huge amount of time was spent on washing muddy dogs and the inside of the kennels as mud was tracked in.

The Solution

We recommended GR 11 to be the most suitable product for the Boarding kennels that would protect the grass roots and withstand dogs running and playing on it almost daily. A product that is easy to install and provides quick results. In early March 2016 turf was laid and the GR 11 Grass mesh was installed over the top of the new turf. Approximately 8 weeks later, the grass had completely grown up through the mat and the area was fully established for the dogs to test drive their new enclosures. The mesh is a soft material, gentle on dog paws!


The results have been simply amazing. After having the wettest winter in 42 years in 2016, the GR 11 Grass Reinforcement allowed Cootamundra Boarding kennels to continue trading without any effect to the kennels. The ability for the turf not only withstand the constant impact from the dogs, but also allowing the grass to repair and establish itself. GR 11 has saved the owners a significant amount of money and provided an aesthetically pleasing result, both the owners and all the doggy guests are very happy.

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