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Whether upgrading a residential or a commercial area, our solutions offer superior stability and permeability, ensuring lush, green surfaces that withstand the test of time and traffic.
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Experts in Grass Reinforcement

All Stake Supply supplies an extensive range of reinforced grass products for residential and commercial projects Australia-wide.

Our grass protection range features Grass Reinforcement Mesh and permeable paving solutions for trade vehicles, cars, forklifts and heavy emergency and mining vehicles. We offer these premium grass and gravel solutions at the most competitive prices.

We will guide you through each step of your purchase, from selecting the right product, quantity, and on-site delivery to installing your mesh and paving systems.
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3 practical uses for grass reinforcement products
Unmatched Industry Expertise
Leveraging over 39 years of experience, All Stake Supply is a leader in grass reinforcement solutions, offering products tested and proven to perform. Our extensive history ensures that we bring a deep understanding and innovative approach to every project.
Eco-Friendly Solutions
Committed to sustainability, our grass reinforcement products are crafted from recycled materials. These eco-conscious choices help reduce environmental impact while delivering exceptional durability and functionality in residential and commercial settings.
Dedicated Customer Support
At All Stake Supply, we place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our team provides comprehensive support, offering expert advice on product selection and installation. We’re here to assist, ensuring you have all you need for a successful installation.
Reliable Nationwide Delivery
Our efficient logistics network spans across Australia, enabling us to manage deliveries promptly and accurately. Whether you’re in a major city or a remote location, we ensure your grass reinforcement solutions are delivered on time and in perfect condition.
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Dive into the details of our specialised grass reinforcement solutions with our downloadable product catalogue. Filled with essential information on our durable, eco-friendly products, this catalogue is invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor spaces.

Perfect for landscape architects, civil engineers, and homeowners alike, it provides detailed product specifications, installation tips, and sustainability features.
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Explore how All Stake Supply has successfully implemented grass reinforcement projects across Australia.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes the Turf Reinforcement Mesh, Grass reinforcement Mesh allow rainwater or surface water to infiltrate into the ground reducing storm water runoff and helping to eliminate future flood risks whilst providing a firm reinforced grass structure. Learn more about porous pavers here.
EconoGrid 40 are best suited to driveways being used daily and by any vehicle type. EconoGrid 40 will protect the root structure of your turf and maintain the turf profile/level.

Grass Reinforcement Mesh is applied to overspill carparks and driveways that are used irregularly. For example parking your trailer or boat on the road verge or providing parking on the front lawn for your children’s vehicles on the weekend. Click here for a successful case study in this application.
If the growing medium is suitable and the lawn fertilised and maintained the Grass Reinforcement Mesh will provide rigidity to your lawn cover indefinitely.

GR11 contains UV stabilisation increasing longevity.
If the wear and tear is predominately from pedestrians Turf Reinforcement Mesh TR4 is the product of choice because it is economical and is designed for that weight ratio. However if there is infrequent vehicle activity or postman bikes on your nature strip Grass Reinforcement Mesh GR11 has the strength to guard the turf and protect the grass.
EconoGrid 40 are 100% recycled polymer and Turf Reinforcement Mesh TR4 is 100% recycled high density polyethylene. Grass Reinforcement Mesh GR11 is a polyethylene mesh made from 20% recycled polymer.
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Please note: All products are for Sydney Metro, Greater Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and Blue Mountains delivery only. If you require shipping interstate or Country New South Wales, please contact our office on 1300 130 123.
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